Welcome to Young Ranch

Located in Manchester, MI

Thank you for stopping by!
We appreciate you taking the time to show interest in our breeding program.
We take great pride in breeding & raising some of the finest genetics of registered Texas Longhorns.

As a young breeder new to the industry, I've realized in a very short time that raising these prestigious
animals is a lifestyle that we are very passionate about.

This all started as a silly dream of mine when I was a little boy. Growing up and living in south eastern
Michigan you never heard much about Texas Longhorns. As a kid there was one longhorn ranch in the
area and I loved seeing the horns every time we drove by. Ever since then I've been fascinated with
Texas Longhorns and I made my dream a reality.

We have met many wonderful people in this industry that have been very helpful and welcoming. We
have made many friendships and look forward to making many more. The generosity and camaraderie
of the people are next to none. We would like to thank everyone that has helped us get started in this
wonderful industry! 

We will never lose sight of what is truly important as we strive to have the "Young Ranch" brand
on some of the best bloodlines in the industry.
It is our commitment to stand behind the quality genetics of every Texas Longhorn we breed!
Honesty and integrity will always be first in our breeding program!!

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